Consilium Event Management System for the Midwest Gaming Classic- Wisconsin Center/Hilton
Milwaukee, WI – April 3rd to 5th, 2020
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Create a free account and view vendor list, maps, submit activities for approval, and see a list of all the activities at the convention.

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  • Interactive maps showing the location of every vendor and activity

  • Full details of every activity including the chance to reserve or purchase tickets

  • The chance to pre-order items from participating vendors, find items by type during the convention, and receive Member only discounts on certain items

  • Voting to decide who may win $1,000 in the Cosplay Contest

  • Bidding on rare and collectible items in the Auction

  • Ordering snacks to be brought to your gaming table in the Gamer Quest room

  • Being informed of special events, via email, during the convention such as flash sales, special guests, and more.


Event Interactive Map

Using the interactive map on Consilium will allow you to fully enjoy your convention experience.

Find vendors in the vendor hall, search for any activity and find how many seats are available, its location, and reserve or buy tickets. 

Search by product type, activity description, event organizer and more.

No more wasting your time wandering the venue or missing out on things you may have never seen.

Consilium is the answer.

Follow Activities

As a paid Consilium member you will be able to search for any activity at the convention, see available seating, reserve or purchase tickets, and see full detailed descriptions all at your fingertips.

The Consilium event management system effectively enhances your experience and helps you make the most of the entire event.

Find Vendors Easily

Find the vendors in the vendor hall, filter by name or product description, and see where they are on the map.

Vendors and exhibitors can choose to make items available for sale 30 days before the event and offer Consilium members special discounts on select items.

This is the ‘Beta’ version of the Consilium EMS. Please let us know of any issues or suggestions that can help us improve its performance and usability.